Facebook advertising is crucial for any business in this day and age. Whether we are excited about it or are being dragged kicking and screaming, you’ll probably start a Facebook ad campaign sooner or later.


You need to be ready.


But not every Facebook ad campaign is alike. Should you run image-only ads? Video ads? Ads heavy with copy? Carousel ads?


Well, it depends. Many factors determine what type of ad campaign you should use for Facebook, and every other platform, for that matter.


Never fear! We’ve put together a handy guide to run through the basics of Facebook ad campaigns, marketing funnels, and how to target the right audience for your campaign goals.


Shall we?


What is a Marketing Funnel?

Firstly, a marketing funnel (also known as a purchase funnel or sales funnel) refers to a model that displays the customer buying process. It is commonly used in marketing strategies to generate web traffic, attract and entice potential buyers, and convert customers.


Devised by E. St. Elmo Lewis in 1898, a marketing funnel describes the customer’s journey from awareness, to interest, to desire, and finally, action (AIDA). The top of the funnel (TOFU) focuses on brand awareness. The middle of the funnel (MOFU) concentrates on interest and desire, and the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) represents action, or purchase of the services or products.


Now, today’s marketing might be a little different than it was in the late 1800s. Still, the core principles remain the same: brand awareness, consideration of the product or services, and conversion to paying customers.


You may have also heard of the Advertising Audience Funnel, which details the segments of your audience. The Advertising Audience Funnel groups your audience into three categories: cold, warm, and hot.

      A cold audience refers to those who haven’t seen or engaged with any of your content.

      A warm audience refers to those who have visited your social media page, watched more than 3 seconds of one of your videos, clicked on your ad, or engaged in your content in any other way.

      A hot audience refers to those who have visited your site or given you their contact details.


Each audience requires a custom marketing strategy. Facebook seems to be privy to this and has conveniently set advertising campaigns that just-so-happen to correlate to the marketing funnel and Advertising Audience Funnel.


Types of Facebook Ad Campaigns and their Categories

There are three types of Facebook ad campaigns: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Each type requires a keen advertising strategy aimed directly at the audience involved.



Facebook ad campaigns aiming for brand awareness are at the top of the marketing funnel. If you’re looking to get your name out, this is where you need to start.



      Increase Brand Awareness

      Expand Brand Reach


Video ads are the best types of ads to use for brand awareness because they allow you to deliver a scroll-stopping hook and highlight the unique aspects of your business more creatively and memorably than other ads do.


Image ads and carousel ads are other suitable ads to utilize in the awareness stage of the marketing funnel. Facebook image ads are cheap, relatively quick and easy to make, and most importantly, aren’t as aggressive (sometimes referred to as “annoying”). 



A consideration campaign’s goal is to get those aware of your brand (cold audience) to visit your store or site or otherwise engage with your content.



      Grow Traffic

      Boost Engagement

      Increase Video Views

      Increase App Installs

      Increase Messages

      Enhance Lead Generation


If you want to increase consideration (desire for your products or services), you will want to focus on image ads and carousel ad campaigns instead. In this case, your audience is warm, and therefore already aware of your brand.


Use image and carousel ads to present a straightforward message that tells your audience: “Hey, we have your solution.” 



The main goal of a conversion ad campaign is to increase your sales. If your primary intention is one of the following items listed, a conversion campaign is the one for you.



      Grow Store Traffic

      Increase Conversions

      Boost Catalog Sales


The best ad types are image, carousel, and dynamic product ads (DPA) in the conversion stage. Rather than the typical carousel ad, at this point, you can design a DPA, which displays different products to each viewer based on their prior site history.


Tips and Tricks: How to Create The Best FB Ads for Your Marketing Tunnel

Remember: Facebook is a social platform. Users typically use Facebook to engage online socially, so they’re not necessarily looking to buy at the moment. You must tailor your ads for social media, and we know that.

Here are some fantastic tips on how to create Facebook ads that help you achieve each of your marketing funnel’s goals.


  1. Humor in a simple, short image or video ad works well in the awareness stage in a Facebook campaign. Your ad may even go viral if enough people think it’s funny and want to share it.


  1. For the Facebook consideration phase, try offering something valuable in return for their contact information or visit to your site. I mean, they’re not just going to give it to you, right? Some examples include a free webinar, PDF download, free trial, coupon, and other free or enticing offers.


  1. An “urgency” strategy works well in the Facebook conversion stage. Create a state of urgency in the user by presenting a limited-time offer – a good one – that they can’t afford to miss out on.


  1. With Facebook advertisements, you can customize your audience based on whether they have watched a certain amount of your video ads. This is a very useful tool as it aids in your marketing funnel and helps you determine your target audience (and another reason to use video ads in the awareness stage).


  1. There are plenty of sites, like Canva and ClickSquad, that will help you create Facebook ads quickly and easily. Don’t get discouraged!


TL,DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)

Essentially, the Facebook marketing campaign types are similar to attracting a cat. At first, you approach cautiously – you don’t know what this cat wants or how it will react the first time you meet it, so you give it space or maybe throw it a few treats.


The second or third time, the cat is more familiar and even likes you a bit (you must have used the right treats the first time around). It lets you pet it once or twice before hopping away and hiding in the bedroom.


Finally, after plenty of nurturing and the proper treats (we know cats are picky), the cat jumps in your lap and takes a nice nap, just like you wanted all along.


ClickSquad has the right treats. Let us help you with your Facebook Ad Campaign! Learn more at our website or contact us here!