Social Media Curation & Growth

If you want to generate brand awareness, get your product or service noticed – both globally and locally – and win new business, then you need a social media presence. Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or another emerging channel, your social media presence needs to be active, relevant, and helpful, but without spamming or trying to constantly sell to your followers.

Social media can also have an impact on your SEO ranking, especially when it comes to local search, which makes it an increasingly important channel to focus on.

Our social media services

We offer a range of social media services that can help increase followers, drive more traffic to your website, and increase conversions.

Grow your audience

Less can be more when it comes to social media. In fact, it’s better to have 500 relevant than 5,000 bots and inactive accounts. We can help you grow your social media followers with useful contacts who are likely to interact with your business and potentially buy your product or service, now or in the future.

We also research your target audience so we can understand exactly who you should be targeting and where they are located.

Curate content

Getting people or businesses to follow you is only the first step; you need to keep their interest and show that you are worth their time. We can help by curating content that is relevant to your industry and your target audience. We also tailor this content according to what works best on each channel.

By sharing useful content, iit demonstrates your thought leadership in the sector and indicates to prospects and customers that you are a brand they can trust.

Drive measurable results

Just like any other marketing channel, it’s important to keep an eye on performance and ROI. Our social media services drive measurable results, beyond vanity metrics such as likes and follows.

We help you track metrics that really make a difference to your business, such as website visits and conversions, all of which can boost revenue and improve the ROI of your social media campaigns.