Local Service Businesses

Creating a local digital marketing strategy is not the same as creating a global digital marketing strategy. You need to focus on how you can reach potential customers in your area, whether you are a Plumber, a dentist, or another kind of service business.

This means catering to the specific needs of local people and your customer, which requires different marketing tactics than when you are targeting customers located anywhere in the world.

The right digital marketing strategy can help you specifically speak to the needs and requirements of people in your area who might be interested in your product or service. Success will look different for every business, it could be visits to your website or enquiries about your service online or booking appointments over the phone.

We work with local service businesses in a number of ways to help them grow in their target market and achieve their marketing objectives.

Lead Generation

We use ad platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to in a highly-targeted way so you only reach customers in your local area while maximizing the potential of your ad spend. We can leverage the following channels to help generate leads for your business:

Local Service Business

Custom Landing Pages

Getting people to click on your paid search or social media ad is only the first step; you need to send them to a specific location on your website which is most relevant to the content and objective of this ad. This location could be the home page or a product page, but oftentimes, it’s more effective to send them to a specially designed landing page.

We can create custom landing pages for your advertising campaigns to drive visitors to your website to take the desired next best action. We make sure the design and content are optimized for conversions, and all relevant information – such as contact details and office hours – is included.

Pay-per-call Campaigns

While global digital marketing strategies might encourage customers to email, fill out a form, or even Skype with a business, one of the focuses of local digital marketing is to get customers to phone for more information. When a customer arrives on a SEM Ad with your contact details and decides to call your business then you know this is a hot lead as they’ve taken the trouble to pick up the phone.

As a performance marketing agency, we are experienced in creating pay-per-call campaigns that drive prospects to connect over the phone. Not only can we help you increase the number of inbound marketing enquiries, but we can also track all calls so you can get insight into which pay-per-call campaigns are performing best. We run these campaigns across platforms such as Google and Facebook, using social ads, paid search and SEO.