Local & National Retail Stores

At Click Squad, we close the gap between online and offline marketing by using a number of digital marketing tools to drive sales and foot traffic to your local and national retail stores. These tools include:

  • Facebook Store Traffic
  • Google My Business
  • Google Location Extensions
  • Google Local Campaigns

01Facebook Store Traffic

The aim of Facebook Store Traffic ads is to encourage people to visit and shop at your brick-and-mortar stores. These ads help you target people who live near to your stores or in pre-defined areas.

We can help you:

  • Localise the content of your ad for the nearest store to the customer, including relevant details such as an address, maps, phone number, and directions
  • Choose the right Facebook ad format for your business, whether that be Carousel, Collection or Video
  • Define a CTA that will inspire people to want to visit your store Decide which metrics to track and derive actionable insight from Facebook ad reports.

02Google My Business

By using Google My Business, we can help you manage your local online presence on Google sites and tools including Google Maps and Google Search.

We use Google My Business to:

  • Verify and edit your online business information including website, phone number, opening hours, and address to make sure customers can contact you and visit your store
  • Manage Google Reviews of your business and respond to questions
  • Understand who is searching for your business, including location and number of phone inquiries.

03Google Location Extensions

With Google Location Extensions, we can help people more easily find your business by creating ads based around the location of your stores.

Using Google Location Extensions, we can:

  • Create ads targeted at relevant keywords that include your address, how far your business is from a customer’s location and a map with directions
  • Optimize your ads for mobile and video, including a “Call Now” button as a CTA.

04Google Local Campaigns

We can help you create Google Local Campaigns to increase footfall at your stores. To create the ads that drive these
campaigns, we can help you select:

We use Google My Business to:

  • Store locations to promote
  • Budget for your ad campaign
  • Ad assets

Google’s machine learning technology will then optimise bids, ad placements and asset combinations. These ads will appear across different Google properties, including Google Display Network, Google Search Network, and Google Maps.