Have you noticed that spammy sites from Google have pretty much faded away (at least from the first few pages)?

Sure, we get the typical irritating website popup, but no more flashing “ON SALE CLICK HERE” spam links that take us to a third-party site bound to steal our information.

That’s because Google and other top search engines are now prioritizing quality links over just links. This means if we want to build web authority – and get on the first page of search results – we all have some link building to do.

But what exactly is link building, and what are the best methods to use in 2021? Here’s a handy guide all about link building that will catch you up with today’s best tactics.


What Is Link Building?

Let’s begin with link building. Along with on-page search engine optimisation (SEO) and content optimisation, link building is one of the top-ranking factors of search engines. Link building helps discover new web pages and determine where a site should rank.

Link building simply means the process of adding quality links to your webpage for the purpose of increasing your web authority. More quality links mean a higher web authority, which means a higher search engine ranking.


Why Is Link Building Important?

Link building can help you build your brand and business relationships, plus gain referral traffic. This all leads to “web authority,” which determines your search engine ranking (obviously, very important).

What is Web Authority?

Web authority, also known as Domain Authority (DA), is a site’s relevance on a specific subject or industry and an indicator of how well that site ranks on search engines. DA is evaluated on a scale of 1-100, in which scores of 40-50 are average, 50-60 are good, and 60 and above are excellent.

However, a site’s Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile. Unlike domain authority, domain rating is relative. A DR score of 30 for your website could be ideal for your industry. Meanwhile, others may need to aim for 60 – it’s all dependent on relative metrics. The best way to find out your DR score range is to research other sites similar to yours and compare their DR scores.

Both DR and DA are essential, as your DR contributes to your overall DA.

The takeaway? A higher domain rating leads to greater web authority, which means your site will rank higher on search engines.


How Do Links Contribute to Page Authority?

We’ve established that backlinks increase your DR, positively affecting your DA, but, as we mentioned earlier, just having loads of links won’t do. You need quality links, and you need to keep them organized (specifically, in Topic Clusters[BR1] ).

Quality links are links to high-authority websites and those from .edu, .org, and .gov domains. And you can’t just have them scattered pell-mell all over the site; create resource pages (or “pillar pages”) to link your related topics back to.


The Best Ways to Build Links in Mid-2021

Now that you know what link building is and why it’s important, let’s go through a few methods you can employ to get you some backlinks!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best methods of earning quality backlinks and arguably the most crucial method of 2021.


Resource Link Building – Your customers have questions (everyone does), and offering answers to their questions is a great way to earn backlinks. Create a resource page and add content that will be valuable to your audience. By creating helpful, informative content that your customers use and share, your word spreads itself.


Listicle Link Building – Listicles (like Top 10 Ways to Write a Listicle or The Best Laptops for Writers) are an excellent means of link building. These links increase your brand awareness and gather numerous quality backlinks for your site by rounding up your competitors as well.


The Skyscraper Technique – Just like a skyscraper, this method means “bigger and better.” With this technique, you need to find successful content that’s earned a lot of links, create better content, and pitch the new content to the site that posted the original piece. Basically, you’re saying, “Hey, that stuff you have is pretty great, but mine’s better, and I think you should put it there instead. Here’s why:…”


Email Campaigns

You can use email campaigns to build links, too. By reaching out to sites to post a link to your webpage, you can acquire high-quality backlinks that you don’t have to pay for (plus, paying for links is a big no-no in Google’s eyes).


Broken Link Building – If you find an informative site that links out to dead pages, that could be a golden opportunity. No one likes a 404 page, but especially not web admins. Reach out to the site and suggest (or create) a relative, alternative piece of content that fulfills the site’s needs. This is a reasonably successful tactic since you are helping the site solve a problem without much work on their end.


Supplier Links – Most manufacturers or suppliers have a “Where to Buy” page (also known as a “stockists” page). Check all of your suppliers’ sites to make sure you are listed on their page. If you’re not, no big deal. It’s probably not on purpose. Reach out to your contact at the company and see what you can do to get on the page (they will probably be happy to add you).


Business Association Links – If you’re a member of a business association, like the Chamber of Commerce, you can earn business association links. Like supplier links, most business associations have “members” page or something like it on their site, typically used as a type of member directory. Check all websites of the associations you have a membership with and see if you’re listed. If you’re not: send that email!



Help A Reporter Out, or HARO, is a free service you can sign up for to connect with journalists looking for help writing their pieces.

How it works: Journalists submit source requests, and businesses choose which requests to submit pitches on. Every HARO subscriber gets three emails per day with source requests relevant to their industry. It’s a fantastic way to get high-quality backlinks and help out a journalist.


Are You Linked In (And Out)?

Do you have the backlinks you need to establish web authority? Sure, having links on your site that lead to others is good, but you also need other sites to link to yours.

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