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Are you getting bogged down with your Google Ads campaigns?


Have you tried to improve the performance of your campaigns only to hit a brick wall or, worse, take a backwards step? Then Click Squad can help.

Google Ads is a very powerful tool if used correctly. It can be used to support brand awareness campaigns or help with lead building efforts in all types of company. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, Google Ads can be an expensive, stressful and unprofitable exercise.

That’s where Click Squad comes in. Our experienced Google Ads campaign managers know what it takes to build an effective and profitable campaign. With more than 10 years of experience creating successful campaigns across all types of industries, we have the experience you need to take your Google Ads campaigns to the next level.

Why let us manage your Google Ads campaigns?


  • Industry-leading experience helps us target campaigns more accurately
  • We deploy sophisticated algorithms to improve campaign performance
  • A multi-disciplined approach helps us build high-converting ads and landing pages
  • You’ll be assigned an experienced account manager to deal with ALL issues
  • We have experience managing thousands of ad groups in hundreds of industries
  • You’ll benefit from sophisticated Geotargeting techniques to improve ROI
  • We offer mobile-optimised campaigns


So stop wasting your valuable Google Ads campaign budget on poorly converting keywords, unoptimised landing pages and the wrong keyword match types. Let us take over the management of your Google Ads campaigns and you will not only see improved results, which more than cover the cost of our fee, but you’ll be less stressed and have more time to work on your business rather than in it.

Call us today on 1300 306 780 to book a FREE digital marketing strategy audit for your business. And our multi-disciplined internet marketing experts will show you how much extra money you could make using Click Squad.

What We Provide

We create engaging Google Ads campaigns which convert your website traffic into leads or paying customers.
Our services includes:

Google Search

Grow your business to next level with professional Search ads for the keywords which your business represents. Make your business stand out on Google Search, by being the top result, every time.

Google Display

Google Display Network is a collection of Google’s partner websites like: Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, Mobile Sites & Apps. With extended range increase your potential reach to wide range of customers.

Google Shopping

Have an e-commerce store? Shopping ads display your Products picture, title, and price, right below the search bar for the searched keyword. Utilize the Google Shopping feature to drive sales with Shopping ads.

Google YouTube

Display targeted ads to potential clients, who have already visited your site. Past site visitors have more potential to make a purchase. Google Remarketing makes that possible.

Our Digital Marketing Blueprint

Learn your business

Competitive Analysis
& Market Research

Keyword & Audience

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager
Custom Tags & Triggers Creation

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics
Custom Audiences

SEM & Social Pixels

Ad Copy Design,
Creation & Video

Digital Campaign

Measurable Reporting
& Performance

What We Do

At Click Squad, we prioritise results. Measurable results. We are a performance-based marketing agency that aims to create growth for our clients through the use of digital services.

To do this, we use PPC & organic techniques such as SEM, social media, SEO, content and email marketing to generate sales, leads and store foot traffic for your business.

As part of these techniques, we also research keywords, custom audience demographics and use conversion tracking methods to measure results. Our digital strategies target E-commerce stores, lead generation landing pages & websites, local and national retail stores and local service businesses to drive the best possible ROI.

Brands We Have Worked With

What Our Customers Say

"Click Squad helped us heaps with advertising our business. Highly recommended."

Booby Tape Log

~Bianca & Bridgett at Bianca & Bridgett & Booby Tape

"Click Squad is really in the know when it comes to all things marketing. Their skills & expertise helped us increase traffic and conversions. I would highly recommend their services."

~Tal at Smooth Sales

"Click Squad is great to work with and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to facebook targeting and setups."

~Clint at Converge Marketing

"We wouldn't be here without Click Squad. We are forever grateful and will not hesitate to work with Click Squad again without the next venture."

Backyard Chicken Coops

~Kassandra at Backyard Chicken Coops

"We are very happy with the performance of Click Squad, year on year we are growing due to the leads and calls being generated on Google and Facebook ads."


~Napoleon at Special Events Rental

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