Ecommerce Brands

Generating traffic and getting conversions from ads is a key part of your e-commerce marketing strategy. We can help you generate these sales using different PPC channels.

Read more about the channels we work with and how we can implement an ad strategy for each at your company below.

01 Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a powerful e-commerce tool – and you need your products to be showing up here if you want to capitalize on Google traffic and searches. Ads that show up on Google Shopping pages contain images of your product, a short description, and price. 

What we do:

We will help you set up a Google Shopping campaign to promote your products through this e-commerce channel. Drawing on our experience in this area, we manage and optimise the ads to encourage shoppers to take action. We can also help monitor performance and make alterations based on this data to further optimise your ads for better results.

02 Google Display

With Google Display, your ads are placed on third-party websites and are only shown to relevant visitors to these websites who are most likely to be interested and convert. These ads can be text, image, video, or interactive format.

What we do:

We can help you create and place Google Display ads on websites that are most relevant to your product or service, including news sites and blogs. We can also help you assign a budget to these ads, as well as manage campaigns and results

03 Google Search

The term “Google it” exists for a reason. Google is often the place that people start when they want to research or buy a product, and there are billions of searches on Google every day. Using Google Search ads gets your products in front of more customers, exposing them to your brand, and encouraging them to visit your website to find out more. 

What we do:

We can help you with pay-per-click (PPC) ads, where you only have to pay when people take an action, such as clicking on your ad to visit your website or contact you. You can also select different goals for these Google Search ad, such as generating leads or driving more website traffic.

04 Google Dynamic Remarketing

You might be familiar with the process of remarketing, which involves showing ads to customers based on the pages they’ve visited or products they’ve interacted with on your website or mobile app. Google Dynamic Remarketing takes it one step further. 

What we do:

With Google Dynamic Remarketing, we can help you tailor the content of the ads to your audience, only showing relevant products and services based on past shopping behaviour and interactions with your brand. The idea is to encourage shoppers who have previously visited your website and shown an interest in your products to complete their purchase.

05 Facebook and Instagram catalogue campaigns

Social media catalogue campaigns are similar to Google Remarketing, as they display ads to people who have already shown interest in your products by browsing them on your site. This works by matching product information from your catalogue with information from a pixel, which is tracking the activity on your website. 

What we do:

We can help you to connect your Facebook and Instagram business profiles or pages to your e-commerce catalogue so you can pull information and tag products from this catalogue in Facebook and Instagram posts and stories. Shoppers can see descriptions and prices as well as shop directly from their feeds.

06 Social media collection ads

Collection ads on Facebook and Instagram can help people discover your products and services by tapping on them and seeing more information from your catalogue. These ads contain videos and images in a grid-like layout. The ads are designed to be fast-loading and give a smooth and immersive mobile experience. 

What we do:

we can help you create these ads and optimize them so they not only contain the information that customers need before they purchase, but also provide an optimal shopping experience. 

07 YouTube Trueview Shopping Ads

With Google’s YouTube TrueView ads you only pay when someone watches your video. There are two types of Trueview ads. With in-stream ads, viewers see five seconds of your video ad and choose if they want to keep watching it or skip it. You pay when a viewer watches either 30 seconds or the entire video. Video discovery ads appear on YouTube either in search pages or alongside other videos, as well as on your chosen Google Display network sites. 

What we do:

We work with you to ensure you have created a video that will capture shopper’s attention and make them want to watch it. We can also make sure your ad is optimised for the audience to ensure that you get maximum clicks and conversions.