About Us

Click Squad is a performance-based marketing agency that aims to create growth for our clients through the use of digital services, such as PPC, SEO, social media, content, email and search engine marketing. We provide these services with one goal in mind: generate high-quality online traffic for sales or leads.

We are proud to have helped businesses grow from small start-ups to multi-million dollar entities since 2008. Our team has over 15 years worth of combined experience in internet marketing strategy and execution. Our professionals can handle your entire web presence or any individual aspect—and we’re always happy to take on new challenges!

About Click Squad

Where We Came From

We are an online advertising agency, specialising in SEO, SEM, PPC management and social media campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses across Australia, US, CA & UK. Click Squad was founded by Paul Medina in 2008 when he realised there was a need for his services as a digital marketer. He started out running ads on behalf of family friends who owned small businesses because they had no idea how to do it themselves. Since then, we’ve grown into one of the top agencies providing these services across the country with clients from all states!

More than $6 million dollars, 12’ years of media buying experience, and over 100 clients later, Paul spotted a gap in the market for a performance-based marketing agency, and Click Squad was born.

Click Squad’s mission is to help clients achieve their business goals using digital marketing services such as Google ads, search engine optimisation and social media marketing. Click Squad has built a team of experts that are committed to delivering the best possible results for each client. They have all been carefully selected based on their knowledge, skillsets and personality traits so that they can work together seamlessly. This has led to our unbeatable success in providing high-quality campaigns at affordable rates with quick turnaround times.

The Click Squad Approach

We’re passionate about what we do. At Click Squad, we don’t just set up digital campaigns. We make sure we learn everything we can about your business using quantitative and qualitative data.

When we fully understand your business, we make sure your website is getting high-quality traffic, and we use conversion tracking from day one to ensure your marketing campaigns are optimised accordingly.

That’s what makes us different.